Personal Automobile Insurance


When you think about your car or cars, you may think about how fun they are or how well they reflect your personality. What most people don’t think about is that vehicles are the most dangerous thing that they own. Not only can a vehicle cause damage to the property of others, but it can also cause injuries to all involved parties.

For these reasons and many more, it is important to have a personal automobile insurance policy for your vehicle(s).

While there are many moving parts (no pun intended) to any auto insurance policy, we at Abdou Insurance are happy to assist in creating a custom-tailored insurance policy to best protect you in the following ways:



Similarly to many types of insurance policies, TV and internet ads make it seem as though price is the most important aspect of the policy. This is not true! As you can see, each of the above coverage items are vital to a properly written auto insurance policy, and a cut rate policy may leave you exposed if the above items are left off in the name of savings.

Call the specialists at the Michael Abdou Insurance Agency to get a quote on personal automobile insurance. Don’t leave yourself exposed, talk to us today!